Capacity Building in Multi Village Rural Water Supply Schemes Villages

To enhance the piped water supply coverage and accomplish the ambitious target fixed as per Govt. of India’s strategic plan, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh has formed a company named ‘Madhya Pradesh Jal Nigam Maryadit’ (MPJNM) is in the process of implementing various Multi Village Rural Water Supply Schemes (MVRWSS) for which it selected agencies to generate awareness among rural communities, development of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and build their capacity on management and operation & maintenance of intra village distribution network of MVRWSS.

CAMP was given this task from Jal Nigam GoMP and accordingly, we organized water budgeting exercise with the community to draw attention on the sustainability and conservation issues, availability of water as limited resource, distinguish and support the community in taking informed decisions in terms of the different uses of water.

We encouraged the community to contribute against the new connection charges and security deposit to be incurred on further operation and maintenance of the intra village distribution work Multi Village Rural Water Supply Scheme (MVRWS). The contribution against new connection charges has deposited to saving bank accounts of Village Water Sub Committee preferably as fixed deposit. We have also instructed the Village Water Sub Committee to deposit the monthly bulk water cost to MPJNM’s accounts.