Community interface programme

CAMP has a specialization in awareness programs in rural India. We have conducted an awareness program all around the Nation. Since 2001 the outreach of CAMP caters qualitative health care and awareness services to approx 36 Lakhs persons including marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society, especially in rural areas. CAMP as the name spell is focused to work with the community and for the community. We have implemented, operationalized diversified activities for the community. Briefly, they are as:- CAMP has been selected for Operational zing safe city initiative under Community Support agency by Bhopal Municipal Corporation, Bhopal, M.P funded by DFID. Indispensably all the activities in this project are concerned with the community and to ensure the upliftment of overall span of individual, activities are designed to cover each and every aspect of their life in a positive and progressive way.

The main objective of the programme is to increase access and ensure availability of the basic services especially by the poor, and strengthening local economic development among them. In this programme we will adopt multi-pronged approaches to promote gender equality and empowerment of women and girls at the community level and for long term behavior change will focus on men and boys at the community level so as to ensure influential positive attitude and behavior change among men and boys regarding gender and VAW , Creating enabling environment to address Violence against Women by conducting policy advocacy and improve linkages between community women and available services. SHG will be formed and they will be trained on financial management, LS, Micro Finance, – in order to develop the capacity for undertaking potential livelihood activities towards enhanced economic independence. Youth groups of men & boys will also be formed for included them and creating sowing seeds of gender equity and they will definitely the change agent in the same.

CAMP with the technical support of UNFPA, BGMS and Department of H & FW implemented “Life Skill Education Programme at JAWA block of Rewa District, M.P, contained a comprehensive life skill-based package, initially, focused on raising the self- esteem of mainly the adolescent girls and young women. The package includes gender equity, child rights, reproductive health and sex education, HIV AIDs, early marriage and early pregnancy and personality development, non-formal education, peace education and vocational training.

Strategically, in the implementation of the programme, girls, boys, parents, community members and leaders are challenged to address gender inequality and inequity. However, the adolescents represent the underutilized resource of the society. So, working with adolescents provided us a unique opportunity to break a number of vicious and intergenerational cycles of gender discrimination, violence, human trafficking, and poverty, unsafe and unwanted sex. Therefore, providing adolescents with skills, information, support and services increases their capabilities to avoid or overcome many of the physical and social problems they are likely to encounter in their own life, in the family, communitsociety and the nation as they grow.